For a Reliable Anchoring of Your Reinforcements

In tunnels, dams and engineering structures with our cement cartridges.

Anchoring Cartridges

For Heritage Restoration Projects

Our polymer mortars for granite pavements are durable and attractive and blend in perfectly with the architecture of old Montreal.

Concrete, Mortars and Grouts

To Speed up Your Work

Our fast-setting mixes allow for re-commissioning and installation of membranes in less than 8 hours.


To Waterproof Your Structures

Wetsuit, water-based elastomeric membrane, VOC-free and fully cured after a few minutes.


Ambex Solutions for Concrete Repairs

Ambex, innovative solutions for concrete repairs and preservation of engineering structures.

Our Expertise

Our superior quality products are specifically created for the reinforcement and preservation of your large infrastructures. Easy to use, they are suitable for all uses:

  • Sealing of cracks and microcracks

  • High pressure injection of polyurethane and epoxy

  • Repair of dams, bridges and roads

  • Installation of liquid membranes

  • Restoration of drains and foundations

  • Waterproofing of constructions

Looking for a specific product or a repair solution for durable, high-performance concrete in Laval and Canada? Ambex engineers have over 60 years of combined expertise to help your concrete structure repairs. If you have trouble finding a product on our list, please contact one of our consultants by phone or email. We are proud to provide you with superior quality products specific to your particular project, whether it is located in Canada or the United States. Ambex also partners with international distributors for all your projects outside these countries.

Offering Appropriate Solutions for All Sectors

The company Ambex is mainly involved in civil and industrial construction projects throughout Canada and worldwide. Our teams have been working on public infrastructure projects to provide future users with optimal safety for many years. We work in partnership with large private companies to create and repair industrial sites. We also offer solutions for the residential construction sector.

Contact Ambex, your supplier of concrete repair products, for more information on our activities. Your job site is located outside of Quebec? Consult our list of distributors to find the one closest to you.

Type of Projects

  • Custom projects

  • Projects for private contractors

  • Residential projects

  • Work for various sectors

  • Industrial civil works (Ministry of Transport, City of Montreal, mining sector)

For a Reliable Anchoring of Your Reinforcements

In tunnels, dams and engineering structures with our cement cartridges

Our Solutions to Repair Your Concrete

Find our catalog of specific and custom-made products.

Do You Need Cement?

Simplify your life with our products.

Sealing Your Cracks

Our epoxy and polyurethane grouts dry quickly for optimal results.

Adhesives, Coatings and Waterproofing

Increase the durability and strength of your work with our products.

Where to Find Our Products?

Ambex Technologies de Béton has many distributors in Canada, the United States and Asia.