"Keep It Simple!" The Ambex Anchoring Capsule is An Alternative To Chemical Adhesives. It is a cementitious non-shrink grout designed for the anchoring of rebar or dowels in concrete or rock. This dry pre-mixed cementitious grout is encapsulated in a water permeable wrapping; once the grout capsule is saturated in water, and placed in a dry clean hole, it becomes a fast setting thixotropic grout. They require less manpower, no special mixing or placing of equipment is required and they are cost effective.

Ambex Anchoring Capsule - AAC, our standard Anchoring capsule, can be used under water and in cold weather to 0 degrees (-17C).

NEW ARC is an ultra rapid setting Anchoring Capsule for high initial strength.

NEW ARC-E is a chromium reduced Anchoring Capsule designed to comply with European standards.

All of the Ambex Anchoring Capsules have NO Odor, No Fumes, are Non Toxic, and are Non Petroleum Based!....We are GREEN.

Available sizes for ACC, ARC, and ARC-E:
1/2" X 8"        (13mm X 200mm)
3/4" X 12"      (19mm X 300mm)
1" X 12"         (25mm X 300mm)
Larger sizes available on special order.

The 1/2 inch (13mm) X 8 in (200mm) long capsule can be used when anchoring a # 5 (15M) rebar. Simply drill a 3/4 in. (19mm) hole. Use for solid masonry, building stone, and concrete rehabilitation, brick or retaining walls and achieve high early strengths.

Ambex Anchoring Capsules can be used for repair of bridge decks; roadway slabs; dams; canals; tunnels; wharves and to securely plug drill holes in mining or geological exploration or projects with threaded or deformed bars. The 1/2 inc. (13mm) can be used in brick. --NO ROTATION IS REQUIRED.

Ambex AAC Sell Sheet 2012 (Adobe pdf)



Dams and tunnels NO product mixing on site
Bridges NO special tools or equipment required
Highways and airport slabs Simple three step process for fast installation
Wharves and canal structures Easy handling and storage
Structural repairs High early strengths
Reservoirs and water structures Thixotropic mix
Retaining or building walls Stable water/cement ratio
Brick (13mm) ACC can be used in all seasons to -17 C (0 F)
Concrete formwork anchors Under water and over-head application
Mining anchors Half the cost of epoxy and chemical anchors
Plugs for holes in mining exploration Reduces installation time and costs
Governmental agency approved and DOT approval (See DOT list)
No toxic emanation or fumes
Environmentally safe
Does not contain calcium chloride

DOT Approval List for the Ambex Anchoring Capsules - AAC
United States: AL, CA, CALTRAN, CO, GA, IN, KS, LA, ME, MD, NC, NM, NJ, NY, NY & NJ Port Authority, PA, TN, VM, WY

Canada: Ministry of Transport Quebec; City of Montreal, Quebec; New Brunswick Ministry of Transport; Transport Canada Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia; & Ministry of Transport Ontario


13 X 200mm (1/2" diameter by 8" long) (Can be used with a 15M bar just drill a 19mm hole.)


19 X 300mm ( 3/4" diameter by 12" long)


25 X 300mm (1" diameter by 12" long) CAPSULE PLACER: An air operated capsule placer is available for AAC- 25 to use for deep hole placement.


37 X 300mm (1 1/2" diameter by different lengths)