Ambex Self-Consolidating Concrete - SCC is a blend of Portland cements and minerals, aggregates and selected additives to produce a flowable and self-consolidating concrete for the construction or repair of concrete structures. Its ease of application allows it to be pumped or placed by gravity and its flowability allows it to flow in all the cavities and through restricted and difficult to reach areas. The quality and uniformity of the mix is assured with production under ISO 9002 standards. Simple and easy to use, simply add water to mix.

Ambex SCC Sell Sheet 2012 (Adobe pdf)

Ambex RS SCC Tech Sheet 2012 (Adobe pdf)



Concrete repair for existing structures No segregation
Repair of bridge structures: piers, pre-cast beams, bearing pads, decks Flowable mix and self compacting
Tunnels No internal vibration required for consolidation
Rail and subway stations Able to place in restricted and hard to reach areas
Hydroelectric stations Reduced shrinkage
Leveling of existing concrete slabs Uniform surfaces. No honeycombing
Dams and water basins Pumpable or placed by gravity
Wharves and canal structures Excellent scaling resistance
Machine bases Excellent bonding of SCC to the existing concrete
Retaining Walls Simple and easy to use

Ambex SCC

Ambex Self-Consolidating Concrete - SCC is a self-consolidating concrete which is used for concrete repairs in difficult to reach areas. Package: 66 lbs. (30 kg)/bag, 63 on a skid. 48.3 MPa (7,250 psi) at 28 days.

Ambex RS-SCC

Ultra fast setting Self-Consolidating Concrete

35 MPa concrete

With air and superplasticizer

Concrete Repair Equipment (Quebec)

Concrete Repair

Ambex is able to design and construst custom built equipment for your "Concrete Repair Solutions"