Champlain Bridge

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Repair of piers and concrete beams. Over 5,000 bags used to repair beams and piers on major bridge.

Pont Laviolette Bridge

Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada This bridge is over the St. Lawrence River. 3,000 bags of SCCT were used to repair patches on bridge piers that were up to 200 feet (60m) high.

Canadian National Railway
(Central Station)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Over 5,000 bags used to restore columns and beams. No internal vibration is required with SCCT.

Repair of pier cap
Autoroute 540/40

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Ambex Self-Consolidating Concrete -SCCT seen through plexiglass formwork. No internal vibration was applied, Ambex Self-Consolidating Concrete -SCCT flowed freely by gravity 35 feet (11 m) into formwork.

Repair of bridge piers

Quebec, Canada SCC was used to repair bridge piers on Auto route 55 in Richmond, Quebec by the Randard company.