Your durable, high-performance concrete in Laval

Looking for a specific product or repair solution for durable, high-performance concrete in Laval and across Canada? Ambex engineers have a combined expertise of more than 60 years to help you in your concrete structure repairs. If you have trouble finding a product from our list, contact one of our advisors by phone or email. We are proud to provide you with superior quality products specific to your particular project, whether it is located in Canada or the United States. Ambex also works in partnership with international distributors for all your projects outside these countries.

Concrete, Mortars & Grout

Whether it is a standard, fast setting or polymer-modified mixture, we have the right product for your type of repair. Note that we can also formulate a product adapted to the specifications of the clients!


Shotcrete & Shotcrete Equipment

Mortar Mix

Cement Grout


Ambex Concrete 35 mPa

Ambex Concrete 35 mPa: with air and superplasticizer, stone 6 or 10 mm

Ambex SCC

Ambex SCC: self-consolidating concrete, stone 6 or 10 mm

Ambex RS-SCC

Ambex RS-SCC: ultra-fast setting
self-consolidating concrete

Technical dataMSDS



Technical dataMSDS
Delpatch elastomeric concrete

Delpatch elastomeric concrete

Delpatch elastomer concrete

Shotcrete & Shotcrete Equipment

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Ambex 99A, 99B, 99C et 99D

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Ambex RSP

RSP shotcrete: fast setting

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Wet Set 47

Ambex Wet-Set 47: liquid accelerator

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Putzmeister Catalogue

Mortar Mix

Ambex Grout VM: repair mortar and/or adhesive

Technical dataMSDS
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Cement / SRC Sand

Cement / SRC Sand: sprayed mortar

Rapidcrete FG

Rapidcrete or Rapidcrete FG: resurfacing mortar

CPD Fastcrete HS

Fastcrete HS: patching mortar

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Fastcrete Ultra

Lankorep 730

Lankorep 730: fibrous mortar for structural repair

Lankorep 731

Lankorep 731: fibrous mortar for structural repair

Technical dataMSDS

Rapid Set DOT repair mortar

Rapid Set DOT Repair Mortar: ultra-fast setting repair mortar

Cement Grout

CPD Non-shrinkage grout

CPD Non-shrinkage grout: cement grout without shrinkage

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CPD Non-shrinkage grouting HES

CPD Non-shrinkage grout: cement grout without shrinkage

Rapid Set Cement All

Rapid Set Cement All: ultra-fast non-shrink grout

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Artic Grout

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Topcrete SL

Topcrete SL: self-levelling mortar


TRU Self Levelling: ultra-fast self-levelling mortare

Anchoring Cartridges

This unique product, sold since 1994, is a non-shrink, fast-setting cement cartridge used to anchor reinforcing bars or studs. Substituting itself for chemical epoxy, its use is easy and requires little tooling!

AAC19 (19 mm x 300 mm)

Ambex anchor cartridges

AAC25 (25 mm x 300 mm)

Ambex anchor cartridges

Injection Moulding

Epoxy or polyurethane grouts are used in crack sealing.

Epoxy Grout

Polyurethane Grout

Epoxy Grout

Prime Rez 1200 LV

Prime Rez 1200 LV : liquid injection epoxy (2 : 1)
80 cps


Injection resin 2: 1 liquid EP-0127 (type I, II): liquid, 300 cps


Injection resin 2 :1 liquid PN-0665 (type IV) : liquid 500 cps


Injection gel 2 :1 thixotropic EP-1343 :
for pump


Injection gel 2:1 thixotropic EP-0150


Clogging paste 1:1 epoxy FS2006: ultra-fast clogging paste


Clogging paste 2:1 epoxy EP-0419: clogging paste

Polyurethane Grout

Prime Flex 900 XLV

Prime Flex 900 XLV: Flexible single component

900 MV

Prime Flex 900 MV: flexible single component

Prime Flex 920

Prime Flex 920: two-component rigid

Prime Flex 930

Prime Flex 930: two-component semi-rigid

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Prime Flex 940

Prime Flex 940: two-component semi-rigid

MME flexible resin

MME Flex 1000: flexible hydrophobic with accelerator

Eco Flush

Eco Flush: cleaner for polyurethane pump, without VOC

Alemite Gun and Advantage 400 pump

Advantage 400 Titan Injection Pump

Prime Plug

Prime Plug (1, 3, 5 or 10 min.): hydraulic cement with ultra-fast setting

Poly Plug Bomix


The protection of concrete structures is the key to its durability. Whether it is a sealer or a coating, there is a product suitable for your application.

Adhesives & Coatings

Lankolastic 228

Lankolastic 228: elastomeric surface coating

Ambexcoat SBNF

Ambexcoat SBNF: surface uniformer, textured architectural finish

image not available


Chemorlast: textured surface uniformer


Chemorseal N40

Chemorseal N40 : silane 40 %

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Chemorseal N100

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Chemorseal AW25

Concrete for paving stones

Xypex Concentrate

XYPEX Concentrate: crystallizing and cement waterproofing

Membrane Miradri 861

Self-adhesive membrane 861

Mastic CCW 704

CCW 704 sealant: joint sealant

CCW 702 Primer

CCW 702 Solvent primer

Ambex 500 liquid membrane

Ambex 500 liquid water-based membrane: spray or roller version


Related products are available for your type of repair.

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Ambexcrete SB12, SB23, SB39, SB47

Ambexcrete SB-12, SB-23, SB-39, SB-47: polymer emulsion

Calcium Aluminate Cements

Lafarge High-Alumina Cement: refractory cement

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Nittetsu Microfine Cement

Nittetsu Microfine Cement: Microfine cement for injection

Product line for Cheng concrete countertops

Our expertise in images

Our expertise in images

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